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Why Godfidence?

Why Godfidence?

Did you make up a word to sound trendy? No, absolutely not! I came across this word while scrolling the Internet over 10 years ago. It was in BOLD letters. When I saw it, I felt strength and power. I saw a word that reminded me of a God who is all powerful, bold, and one for whom nothing is impossible. 
This concept of my confidence being established in God alone spoke volumes to me. As people, we can place our confidence in ourselves alone. In life, we are taught to do that. We hear phrases such as "Be Confident" throughout our lives. For some its easier to be innately confident in who you are; we all know someone like that in our lives. However, for others, the source of your confidence doesn't always have a stable and firm foundation. I identified with the latter for most of my life. My confidence being rooted in myself and my abilities would always depend on my self-concept and emotions. It would rise and fall in this rollercoaster phases of life. My confidence being fueled by the cheering of others would last as long as the sound of applause was heard. However, God always reminded me of this word and concept. We began our own private journey to making sure he was the source of my confidence. His word and truths about me were the foundational things to live the verse that says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13).

Why Godfidence? Because God ALONE  is my reason for being and the reason for everything I do. 

Divine Merch was birthed 2 years ago to help other individuals, businesses and organizations show forth their brands. Today, the Godfidence collection exists as our first branded product offering. I've learned to live what I wear, from the inside out.

"For the LORD shall be thy confidence..." Proverbs 3:26

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