Discover the Woman Behind the Brand

Ruth is Owner/Founder of Divine Website Design, LLC, parent company of Divine Merch. Ruth is a creative visionary with a passion for creating and designing for others. With over 15 years of experience as a self-taught designer; she has established herself a skilled professional in the field.

Ruth  has specialized in graphic design, branding, and digital marketing, harnessing their expertise to craft visually captivating and impactful designs that leave a lasting impression. The items for sale are concepts that she lives by in her daily life. Her keen eye for aesthetics and attention to detail have enabled them to create captivating visuals that align with clients' goals and aspirations.

Ruth is driven by a genuine passion for understanding clients' visions and translating them into unique and effective design solutions. Whether it's designing a captivating logo, developing a comprehensive brand identity, or strategizing digital marketing campaigns, Ruth excels in delivering results that elevate brands and leave a lasting impact.


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